Exciting Changes & Blog News at a.healthier.happy!

Pardon the cliché, but I can’t believe how fast time has flown since I found my blog’s direction and officially kicked off a.healthier.happy back in November!

I’ve learned a lot in these past nine months, and I’m really happy about the reception that my blogs have gotten thus far. A huge thank you to all my readers and followers, and a warm welcome to everyone new!

Now, on to some happy, super exciting news!


First and foremost, I’m really happy to have just bought my domain name! So now, you can find me at ahealthierhappy.com instead of the clunky previous “ahealthierhappy.wordpress.com” address. Woo-hoo!

The next order of business, which some of you may have already noticed, is that my site got a re-design. I switched to a different theme, which gives me more functionality than my old design, and IMO is much more welcoming and engaging! Come check it out! (Those of you viewing on mobile will be able to see some change, but it’s most evident when viewing on a desktop PC.)

Both of these changes were due in large part to my next news tidbit. There’s something really exciting in the works, though I’m not going to spill the beans on it just yet. But let’s just say it’s a nice step forward for me. Oh, and it’ll involve a giveaway! Yay giveaways!


Last but not least, I’ll try not to be long-winded about the fourth, and final, item on the agenda. Here goes…

I’m always striving for continual improvement. I’m admittedly a huge perfectionist, so my mentality with my older blog posts isn’t “set it and forget it”. I recently embarked on a little “audit” of my past posts, and what I call “little” actually took me a couple days’ work.

Why? I really wanted to take an objective look back at the posts I have to offer, and make sure that they’re as visually inviting and reader-friendly as possible. Surely, no one’s ever accused me of being brief, so I know that some posts are quite meaty. So, I nipped and tucked in a lot of places.

For those of you who are new, I hope you’ll accept my invitation to poke around my site and read some of my older (but freshly-revamped) posts, because there really is a wealth of info there that I’m hell-bent on sharing!

In particular, here are several of my very favorite posts:

Allergy Relief from Bee Pollen 

This post came from my original blog site, before it had any sense of direction. An oldie but goodie, this one is special to me because “curing” my allergies with bee pollen was one of my first “a-ha” moments, regarding the power of natural medicine vs. Big Pharma.

→ Going Aluminum-Free: A Survival Guide

This post is all about making The Switch from antiperspirants to (aluminum-free) deodorant, and comes full of my tips for surviving the transition without acquiring cartoon stink lines. Going aluminum-free was one of my first “better choices”, and essentially triggered the avalanche!

→ Chemical Cocktail: What’s Hiding in YOUR Cleaning Products? 

This little bugger is super special too. I also wrote this on my old blog site, and this post literally made the light bulb go off that this is the direction I should be going with my blogging. This post delves into toxic cleaning products and features Method products as my go-to.

→ What’s in YOUR Shampoo? How to Pick Healthier Products & Go Sulfate-Free

I think the title speaks for itself! Out of all the posts I re-edited, this one took the most work to pare it down. I cut out 1,000+ words and made it a heckuva lot stronger post. It features Shea Moisture as my shampoo brand of choice!

→ You vs. Chlorine: Easy Ways to Reduce Exposure

Last but not least, this post in particular is super important because it talks about one of the most relevant health risks to every single one of my readers. We all drink water and bathe! Any little bit of chlorine exposure you can eliminate is a win in my book.

So, how ’bout that?! Lots of really good stuff going on, and I’m pleased to share that with you. I certainly can’t wait to see where things go next!

Lots of love to all of you readers! And, as usual, wishing you healthier, happier days!



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