Product Review: Kiss My Face Deodorant Spray

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Well, friends, I’ve recently been hinting about some exciting things in the works at a.healthier.happy, and the time has finally come for the big reveal! Ready?

Kiss My Face (maker of naturally-effective, cruelty-free skin care and body products) has just launched its brand new, plant-powered deodorant spray, and yours truly was picked as one of the “Kiss Tribe” bloggers to help them review it and get the word out!

Kiss My Face provided me with free product to honestly review and give away, but all content of this post reflects my own opinion. Rest assured, I’d never share any product on my site unless I believed it safe and effective! To learn more about KMF, check out their website.

Final KMF Rebalanced (5)

Quick reminder before we dig in! If you’re new to using natural deodorant, don’t get discouraged when you first switch from antiperspirants – your pits have to detox! Check out my post Going Aluminum-Free: A Survival Guide for tips and advice on making The Switch.

I’m so, so happy to see more people than ever getting curious about going aluminum-free, and I love spreading the good word that it is doable without being stinky! And of course, I enjoy sharing products that can help you achieve that goal – I’m all about better choices!

Kiss My Face Quick Dry Spray Deodorant

Opting for a natural deodorant means getting away from antiperspirants, which contain dangerous aluminum. While it’s wonderful just to be aluminum-free, the quality of the ingredients that are in the product matter too!

I’m a stickler about ingredients, so I’m happy to report that Kiss My Face’s new deodorants are:

  • Aluminum-free.
  • Paraben-free. (This is another biggie, folks!)
  • Free of artificial fragrances.
  • Air-propelled, and free of chemical propellants.

It’s also wonderful to see that these deodorants truly are plant-powered, and contain real, beneficial ingredients for your skin:

  • Lemon Myrtle leaf extract
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Sage leaf extract
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Cucumber extract

The deodorants come in handy 3 oz. aluminum spray bottles, which are lightweight and definitely purse-friendly, with securely-fitting caps. They come in two scents, Cucumber Green Tea and Sport, and I put both of them to the test!

Let’s check out the results!

Thoughts on the Application

I’d never used a spray deodorant before trying this product, so I thought it’d be helpful to share my initial reaction:

  • The bottle states, “Spray 4 inches away from body”, so I made my best guesstimate on that. I wasn’t entirely sure how much I’d need per pit, so I did about three quick sprays each. (You might wanna do a test spray into the sink to get a feel for the flow!)
  • I’m used to applying my regular (cream) deodorant with my fingertips, so I found this to be a quicker and easier application in comparison. However, being a spray, I felt less control over the application (placement/amount) in general.
  • While the spray is cool and refreshing, I experienced a brief stinging sensation from the alcohol in the product, since I had just shaved my underarms. (I shave ’em every other day, so it’s kind of unavoidable.)
  • Um, this probably goes without saying, but look away as you spray. It will waft up into your mouth or eyes if you’re staring right at it. First-timer’s learning curve…
  • As advertised, the spray really does dry quickly, and leaves your skin soft to the touch. I put on a black shirt, and was pleased to see no rub-off at all.

The 24-Hour Test

The tagline for KMF deodorant spray is “24-Hour Odor Protection”, so I wanted to put that to a true test!

If you’ve read my previous pit-related posts, you know that I have mild hyperhidrosis, which is worlds better than it used to be, but still affects me to some degree. My right pit is always worse than my left, so keep that in mind as you read on.

For this test, I rated the odor control on a scale of 0 to 5, 0 being “Absolutely No Odor” and 5 being “Super Stinky”. I tested it on a blank slate of freshly-showered, clean and dry pits.

Test #1: The 9-Hour Mark

I think we all want to ensure that our deodorant can at least get us through a typical work day without reapplying, right? So, I like to test after about 9 hours, for that reason. Result 1redoneThe results were super impressive! The left pit was a 1, while the right pit was a 1.5 – very, very successful! Wetness was nicely controlled – I barely noticed anything from either pit, even the “troublemaker” right pit. The product scent was still hanging on strong too, which is a nice touch.

Test #2: The 17-Hour Mark

So it’s great to get a solid 9 hours, but it’s important that a deodorant can keep performing even after that. All in a day’s work!Result 2As you can see, after continued testing, which included a night’s sleep, this deodorant still was holding very strong. (I get warm while I sleep, so that can be enough to leave me waking up smelling not-so-fresh.) After 17 hours, the left pit was at a 1.5, with the right pit at a 2. Still very impressive! The product’s scent had faded quite a bit by this point, though still noticeable on an up-close sniff.

Test #3: The 20-Hour Mark

This is where I threw a curve ball at the deodorant, by doing 45 minutes of exercise outside in 85° slightly humid North FL (heat index mid 90’s). It wasn’t a soak-your-clothes kind of sweat, but it was enough that my pits started kicking off some noticeable wetness. This definitely upped the stakes, given that I was asking the deodorant to control odor 20 hours after the initial application! Result 3I assessed odor control post-exercise, after I’d dabbed off the wetness and sat to cool off. The left pit was a solid 2, with the right pit a 3.5 (odor starting to break through, but still not super bad). Very impressive for the left pit, and not too shabby for the right one! A very slight remnant of the product scent was still present.

Test #4: The 24-Hour Mark (Final Score)

So, after a solid 24 hours with no reapplying whatsoever, this deodorant had been put through the gamut of normal conditions, sleeping, and exercising. To be expected, the exercise at the 20-hour mark kind of broke the spell, letting odor start to gain a bit of a foothold over the final four hours.Result Final
Final Score: After 24 total hours, the end result was 2.5 for the left pit and 4 for the right pit. The left pit was definitely still publicly passable, though the right pit had the “after gym” feel that left me not completely stinky, but past the point where I’d feel confident in public without reapplying first.

As I mentioned, my right pit is my troublemaker, so I’m not surprised that it scored worse than my left – totally typical for me, and not the product’s fault. Actually, quite the opposite – I think it still did a respectable job holding off the right pit. It could’ve been much, much worse.

Testing Both Scents 

I tried both scents, Cucumber Green Tea for the first 24-hour trial, then repeated the process using Sport. I liked them both, and found nearly identical odor/wetness control.

The Cucumber scent is fresh and clean, definitely heavier on the cucumber notes than the green tea notes. It’s a more natural cucumber scent, so it smells nicer than the junk from Companies Who Shall Not Be Named! While not marketed as women’s deodorant, I think it’s more of a feminine smell – but hey, gents, please have at it, if you dig cucumber!

The Sport scent most definitely could be considered unisex, as it’s neither feminine nor masculine, but just kind of earthy/herby with a patchouli-ish feel. This scent definitely grew on me!

Performance-wise, the Cucumber Green Tea held off the initial onset of odor a bit longer than Sport. However, when odor did start to sneak in, the Sport scent seems to be ever-so-slightly better at hiding it, since it’s got stronger notes to help mask it. (Once you smell Sport, you’ll get why I say this!)

The Official Verdict


All things considered in quality, use, and performance, Kiss My Face Quick Dry Spray Deodorant has earned a grand total score of 4 out of 5 stars! Well done, Kiss My Face!

 Want To Try It?

If you want to add this deodorant to your arsenal, you can use Kiss My Face’s product locator to see who carries KMF nearest you, or you can buy directly from KMF’s website(FYI: I usually buy my natural products the cheapest from, though they don’t have this item in stock yet, since it’s so new! I’m sure they’ll carry it soon though.)

But wait, there’s more! You have a chance to try this product out absolutely for FREE if you enter my giveaway, where I’ll be picking three lucky winners! Read on…

Giveaway Rules + Entry Methods

Giveaway open to U.S. residents only, 18 years and older!

Three winners will be chosen at random, and will be notified via social media. Contest open 9/3/16 – 9/10/16.

There are three ways to enter – do one, do two, do ’em all – up to you! Good luck!

1) Here on – Leave a comment in the comment section (below) sharing why you hope to win! (You do not need a WordPress account to leave a comment!)

2) Instagram – Find my account here. Follow me (@palmtreestateofmind) + follow Kiss My Face (@kissmyfaceUSA). “Like” any of my KMF contest posts, and tag 2 friends in the comments who would be all about this KMF product!

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I’m not on Facebook (long story), so there’s no FB entry method – but please, by all means, share away on FB!

That’s all, folks! I hope you found my review helpful! Hit me up in the comments with any questions!

Thanks for visiting a.healthier.happy, and feel free to check out some of my other posts while you’re here. If you like what you see, go ahead and subscribe via email to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Wishing you healthier, happier days!


14 thoughts on “Product Review: Kiss My Face Deodorant Spray

  1. Great review! I’d love to try the product mainly because of the harsh chemical-free ingredients. The results are pretty good, you tested them out so precisely, impressive!


  2. I would like to win this new product, because in the last year I have been trying to go aluminum free. I have been using a product I like but willing to try a new one!


  3. I would like to win because I’ve been wanting to try a dry spray deodorant, and your review made this one sound great! I also love that it’s all natural and aluminum-free!


  4. Thanks to those who entered! The giveaway is now CLOSED, and please join me in congratulating our 3 winners: @bashfulsuzyq and @missmakeuplove2 (who entered via Instagram) and craftyone (who entered here in the comments). Thanks to Kiss My Face for making it all happen!


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