Farm Fab: Farmaceutical-Grade Skincare You Need to Try!

**Oct. 2017 Update: Sunny Cabana Farms has launched its new website,, and their Etsy shop is currently on hiatus. Rather than using the individual product links I’ve shared, go here if you want to order in the meantime!**

Just call it kismet. I’d been following Sunny Cabana Farms on Etsy and Instagram for quite a while, so when they reached out to me to test-drive some of their skincare and body products, I was so psyched to have the opportunity!

Sunny Cabana Farms describes itself as a “beyond-organic, small family farm and micro-dairy,” located in Riverside, California. Pretty much the stuff dreams are made of.

Even better yet, Sunny Cabana Farms is truly the epitome of farmaceutical-grade skincare. Each product is handcrafted with love, and created with raw natural and organic ingredients – many from their very own farm. This includes the goat milk (from goats fed corn-free/soy-free, non-GMO diets, no less), as well as many of the botanical herbs you’ll find in their products. (Read more about the goats here!)


You know me, I’m a broken record about the importance of toxin-free beauty and skincare items, and for good reason. (Check out my beauty products category for more posts about choosing better products!) Well, products like these make me very happy! They’re formulated with no parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, synthetic colors/fragrances, or other chemical nasties. Also, they are palm oil-free (its use isn’t a health risk, but rather a sustainability issue).

Last but not least, as a hardcore green gal and avid recycling/reusing nerd, I adore that Sunny Cabana Farms sells its products in reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging. Kudos!

In short, I think I’m going to go live on this farm. Clearly, it’s where I belong. If anyone needs me, I’ll be looking at prices for one-way plane tickets to California…


No doubt about it, I was blown away to receive my package from Sunny Cabana Farms, and see (and smell) such a farm chic presentation of utter skincare goodness! All for me?! Truly made my day week.


Without further ado, let’s check out each of the products I got to test-drive!

Tinted Lip Balm


I’m a total lip balm gal, though admittedly, I always shy away from any color whatsoever. This tinted lip balm, however, is a total exception! It provides a perfect pop of rich color, without looking overdone. (The color comes from beet root and alkanet root powder, for goodness sake. You don’t get more natural than that, folks!) It’s made with peppermint oil (my favorite!), so it packs a refreshing, minty tingle – a truly lovely touch. This balm glides on like buttah, and offers lasting softness and color without going “cakey” on you. And, my lips were smoother the whole next day, just from using it one time! Whaaaat. Bonus points: It comes in the cutest-ever paperboard tube applicator. Love!

→ Buy it here!

LATTE DA Face Cream



This face cream is the master of transformation – it may look solid in its jar, but touch it, and find it velvety soft beneath your fingertips!

Being mildly-acne prone, I typically lean toward suuuuper lightweight moisturizers, but those just don’t pack the moisture power that this product does. Yes, it’s a little thicker than ones I normally use, but still surprisingly lightweight! And, it’s the perfect (non-greasy) consistency for deep, intensive moisturizing, however often your skin needs it. No lie, I noticed that my skin was still noticeably softer from using it, even after the course of several washes – this isn’t something that many moisturizers can boast! (Tip: Use this after you exfoliate, for the total one-two punch!)

Many people are picky about their facial moisturizer’s scent, but rest assured that this product can be on your face without its scent being “in your face” – it’s a very gentle and natural scent, simply like goat milk and shea butter. Bonus points: The cute little glass jar is totally re-usable or recyclable!

→ Buy it here!

Milk Lotion (Lemongrass Scent)



Ohhh baby. I had high expectations for this product, and it surpassed them effortlessly. I’m no stranger to goat milk lotion, so let me tell ya, this one sets the bar very high. It comes out of the pump looking sleek and silky, and is luxuriously soft and smooth to the touch. It absorbs very quickly, and leaves a baby-soft, non-greasy finish. Every time I use it, I can’t stop touching my skin afterwards!

The lemongrass scent is fresh and lovely, without being overpowering, and comes from essential oil (unlike junky products that get their scent from chemically, mysterious “artificial fragrance”). There are three other scents available too, so I’d be willing to bet that they’re equally scent-tastic!

Also note that you can get a 4 or 8-oz aluminum pump bottle, or an 8-oz glass jar. Choices, choices!

→ Buy it here!

Fun Fact: Goat milk lotion is fantastic for our skin, because the pH is so similar to our skin’s! Its nutrients, fats, and proteins help to soothe and deeply moisturize, plus the lactic acid helps slough off dead skin cells! Its healing effects are great for people with sensitive skin, even eczema. And, it’s awesome for healing new tattoos – I speak from experience!

Charcoal Bar


This bar truly stands out among soaps, because, well, when have you ever seen a black bar of soap before?! If not the color, then the scent should clue you in that it’s way different than those “soapy”-smelling soaps (which I cannot stand). It’s made with an intoxicating blend of bergamot, vetiver, and tea tree oil, which makes this bar perfectly unisex. And, okay, you got me, when I use this product, I have to force myself to stop lathering! You’re in for a full, satisfying lather, and an even more satisfying clean feeling when you’re done (thanks to the activated charcoal). And, courtesy of the goat milk and various oils, the bar moisturizes just as wonderfully as it cleans.

→ Buy it here!

Fun Fact: Activated charcoal is excellent for acne-prone and/or oily skin types, as it’s known for pulling the gunk out of your pores and helping to balance your oil production. Without going all Bill Nye on you guys, let’s just say that charcoal’s negative charge attracts and traps toxins (which are positively charged) in its micro crevices, all to your benefit! Yay science!

Lemon + Poppy Bar


Okay, who doesn’t want their soap to remind them of a lemon poppyseed muffin!? Just like the Charcoal Bar, I found this soap to lather up really nicely with minimal effort. The light lemongrass scent (from essential oil) is a quick pick-me-up in the shower, and it’s got a little secret – there are even little itty bits of lemon zest and poppyseed in it for light daily exfoliation. So not only does this soap look adorable and smell delicious, it pulls double-duty in the shower! And, like the Charcoal Bar, it offers up a ton of skin-softening moisture too!

→ Buy it here!

“Shea”ve Bar


Shaving is a total drag, but this made it a fun experience! I’d never shaved with a bar before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. It was way easier than I imagined, and I simply kept the bar in one hand and my razor in the other, going section-by-section, and rubbing it where the razor was headed next. It was surprisingly easy to whip up a shave-worthy lather, and it was such a gentle, smooth shave (even with a not-so-new razor blade in my Venus right now). There are so many powerful moisturizers in this bar, that it’s no wonder it left me feeling touchably soft afterward – goat milk, shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil all work together to give you a pleasant shave and after-shave experience! Plus, the scent is wonderfully natural and soothing, thanks to touches of calendula, comfrey, chamomile, and lavender. Two thumbs up!

→ Buy it here!

There you have it! Six stellar products that absolutely have earned the a.healthier.happy stamp of approval!

With the skin-stressing effects of Old Man Winter quickly approaching, this post couldn’t be timed any better! Trust me, these products are exactly what you should reach for to keep winter itch and chapped skin at bay. Your skin will thank you!

And, with the holidays mere weeks away, keep in mind that these products would make fantastic stocking stuffers or a wonderful addition to any gift basket!

Just call me Santa, because I want to help you spoil your friends and family (or yourself!) with these lovelies! Sunny Cabana Farms has graciously offered promo code “healthierhappy15″ to share with you, which’ll score you 15% off your order! Enjoy!

You can access the Etsy shop via any of the individual product links above, or just head here to the shop home. You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

A huge thank you to Sunny Cabana Farms for sending me such a wonderful assortment of fabulous goodies to play with! I had a blast doing this post, and hope that you lovely readers will take my word for it that these products are fan-freaking-tastic!

Until next time, wishing you healthier, happier days!


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