Product Review: Kiss My Face 32 Oz. Body Lotion

It’s been a crazy busy couple weeks for lots of reasons, but I’m back in your inbox today with a product I’m very happy to review and share with you readers!

Kiss My Face (maker of naturally-effective, cruelty-free skin and body care products) has expanded its product line once again, to include new 32 oz. deep moisturizing body lotions!

As a member of their social media “Kiss Tribe,” I’m one of the lucky bloggers who again gets to help them spread the good word! (If you haven’t already, check out my previous review of their Quick-Dry Spray Deodorant!)

The new 32 oz. size is available for three of their most popular scents (Tropical Coconut, Lavender Shea, and Olive & Aloe Fragrance Free), and since I got to choose, I happily indulged in Tropical Coconut!

KMF Bottle

Kudos to Kiss My Face for offering such an economical (and more environmentally-friendly) 32 oz. size! If you recall from my previous blog post, when it comes to buying healthier products more affordably, my rule of thumb is: buy big, save big!

So, why ditch your “But I’ve bought this brand forever!” lotion? Plain and simple, the lotions made by the companies/brands you grew up with just aren’t safe! They’re loaded with toxic ingredients, which easily make their way into your bloodstream in < 60 seconds.

Don’t be fooled by “Dermatologist Recommended” labels, either – that does not mean it’s safe! Dermatologists are neither oncologists, endocrinologists, nor toxicologists, so – sad to say – they’re not necessarily thinking about what’s safe for your whole body.

Choosing a safe, toxin-free body lotion is very important, especially if you use it daily. In this case, Kiss My Face lotions are proudly free of parabens, phthalates, and artificial fragrances! [Bonus: Kiss My Face is Leaping Bunny (cruelty-free) Certified, and most products (with a few exceptions) are vegan!] 

It’s also important to consider what is in your lotion! Kiss My Face has got you covered (pun intended) with Nourishing Antioxidants like aloe leaf juice, olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and shea butter.

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With that said, how do they perform, you ask? Lemme tell ya!

This lotion is totally non-greasy, and its consistency is juuuust right – neither too thick nor thin. It absorbs in a jiffy for smooth, soft skin that lasts and lasts. I test-drove it on my legs post-shave, and loved the results! It works awesome as a hand lotion as well, and I noticed that the softness lasted even after washing my hands how many times throughout the course of a normal afternoon/evening!

The Tropical Coconut scent is on point and full of freshness, managing to be subtle, yet perfectly coconutty, all at once. It captures just the right amount of “tropical escape” without smelling overly sweet or fake. What’s better, the scent lasts for hours!

I definitely give this lotion a big thumbs up, and hope you’ll give it a shot if you want to use a safer, healthier body lotion. If Tropical Coconut isn’t your cup of tea, don’t forget that you can buy Lavender Shea or Olive & Aloe Fragrance Free in the new 32 oz. size as well!

Want It?! Get It!

Keep an eager eye out for these new 32 oz. bottles at the many retailers – online and brick & mortar) who stock Kiss My Face products: Whole Foods, Kroger, CVS, Target, Publix, H.E.B., Amazon,,, and other natural/health food retailers!

[Quick plug: Vitacost absolutely rocks! Fast shipping, amazing customer service, user-friendly website design, and fab prices! You can save $5 on your first Vitacost order of $30+ just by using my referral link to shop (see here for all terms & conditions).]

Buying directly from Kiss My Face’s website won’t be available for much longer, as the web shop will officially close its doors for good on March 24th – bummer! But, act fast to take advantage of the deals!  The 32 oz. lotion sizes appear to have sold out already, but don’t fret – you can still snag any of the 16 oz. bottles (while they last!) for just $4.99 by using the 50% off store-closing promo code “CEO50” at checkout. Check them out here.

Hope this helps you switch to a cleaner, better product! Remember, every change counts! Questions, comments, concerns? Hit me up in the comments!

As always, wishing you healthier, happier days!

Thanks to Kiss My Face, who provided me with free product to honestly review! All content of this post reflects my own opinion. To learn more, please check out their website! ←


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