PLEASE READ: Important Update from a.healthier.happy

Hello friends,

I know it’s been a long, LONG time since I’ve blogged, but I have some important information to share, so please read this in its entirety.

In July 2018, I made a decision I now regret, which was to let my domain name ( expire. For two years, I had purchased the rights to use My blog site is a WordPress-based site, which means that its address originally was However, WordPress allows you to purchase a domain and mask the “.wordpress” part of the address in doing so. So, for two years, I became

Come July, I decided that I wasn’t blogging enough to justify paying for a domain any longer, so I let it expire. Which meant that went up for sale. Think of it this way: it’s kind of like moving out of a house. You move out, but a new family can move it and that address becomes their own.

Have I lost everyone already? If so, I apologize. The key takeaway is that my blog site address reverted to (and is currently) It IS NOT any longer (and hasn’t been since July).

The reason I’m writing is because it’s unfortunately come to my attention that someone has now bought Which is fine, of course, and I knew when I gave it up that someone else could buy it and make their own site. Key words there being “their own.” I discovered yesterday that the new owner of has stolen my content (my old posts and everything that went with them, like photos and graphics) and has posted it as their own.

The new owner of has posted a couple new blog posts of his or her own, but has responded to my request to take down my content by telling me that my content belongs to him/her now. This, of course, isn’t true in the least. This content was written 100% from scratch by yours truly, and is my intellectual property.

That being the case, please know that I am in no way under control of, and content being posted there (like the post “How to Stay Fit and Healthy? 10 Best Tips”) is not written by me or connected with me in any way (other than my content being posted there illegally).

I’ve also learned that this person has created a Facebook page for A Healthier Happy, sharing posts that link to my stolen content posted on I have already filed a copyright infringement report against this page, in hopes that Facebook will shut it down after reviewing the overwhelming evidence that this person is using this page to promote content stolen from me.

I won’t get into the matter any further here, but I just wanted to make sure that all of you have been informed of the situation and do not visit or interact with as if it’s me.

As always, thanks for the support you showed me over the years!






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