ABOUT ME: healthier, happier me


Well hello there! Thanks for visiting a.healthier.happy today!

I’m Brittany, the chick behind the blogs. I’m a tree-huggin’, star-gazin’, beach-obsessed creative gal born ‘n raised in the ‘burbs of Cleveland, Ohio. I spent two years living under the palms in Jacksonville, Florida, but now call Ohio home again – I’m a much better Ohioan than a Floridian! I’m now a resident of Columbus, home of The Ohio State Buckeyes!

I’m 32, and proud of it – let’s call my 30’s the beginning of new, wiser era, if you will. I’m a happy wife to a fantastic Star Wars-loving husband, who is the center of my universe. I’m also a dog mom to a sweet, silly Greyhound!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a minor in Public Relations, so blogging really hits the spot for me, as I love writing and sharing information! I am actively considering going back to school to create a career in nutrition or a related holistic practice, so we’ll see what the future holds for me!

So, how did I become a self-proclaimed health nut with a blog site?

Healthy eating started for us in early 2013, and has truly changed us as people, not just our eating habits. We started by purchasing a NutriBullet and incorporating fruit and veggie smoothies into our daily diet, and from there it has truly blossomed into us eating a better all-around diet and eliminating garbage processed junk. Plus, we now enjoy cooking delicious meals using real, fresh whole food ingredients!

Healthy living as a whole has become a passion for me, as I love seeking out better products to make our household safer and happier. Fair warning: making healthier choices has a snowball effect, so once you get that ball rolling, it’s hard to stop!

We also enjoy an active lifestyle, and can’t get enough of the outdoors. We love walking, hiking, biking, and (of course) being in the water. We snorkel every chance we get, and have learned how to SCUBA too! Next up is learning to stand-up paddle board, and maybe even surfing…

I hope that you’ll enjoy what you find on my site. I strive to share the information that has changed my life for the better, and I hope to do so with yours too. (For more on the beginnings of my site, see here.)

Thanks so much for reading! Wishing you healthier, happier days!

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Please note: The opinions and advice expressed in all of my blogs is representative of my own research and experience. It should not be taken as the advice of a medical professional.

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